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student discount

We take out a loan to get a degree, so that we can use that degree to get a job, where the primary goal of that job is to pay back that loan for the next twenty years, until maybe, if we're lucky, we eventually get free.

We have been told, since kindergarten that a college degree is the only path to success, and to forgo a college degree was to forgo a chance at a better life.

Except, whatever it takes is precisely what is keeping us from a better life.

In Student Discount, Casey shares the secrets to crushing the current college system, and how to navigate college in the most affordable, enjoyable, and successful way possible.

Don't spend 4 years on a 4-year degree. Don't spend 6-figures on a degree worth 6-figures.  You can start today, or spend the next 30 years wishing that you did.

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