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the student discount Mission

Nowadays, everyone is talking about how to graduate debt-free. This is an admirable goal... but it's the wrong oneDon't get me wrong, you should try to graduate debt-free if you can. But that's not what's most important.​

How much you pay should matter more than simply how you pay. This is like going into a car dealership and trying to buy a $100,000 sports car in cash. Sure, it's nice if you can do it, but most people can't. So, they either borrow too much or they end up settling for a cheaper option that isn't the one they actually want.

Why not just find a way to get the exact one you want for 50% off?

Welcome To My World.

About Casey Woodard

casey woodard

Despite failing several classes in high school, Casey entered undergrad at the age of 18, and graduated Magna cum Laude with his Bachelor's in Science: Economics, at the age of 19. Three semesters later, he finished his Master's degree at the age of 21. He did this while working two jobs, taking frequent vacations, and having a very active social life. Oh, and with ZERO student debt.


Now, he is passionate about helping today's students navigate college in the most affordable, enjoyable, and successful way possible.

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